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GainTools PST Converter is a simple but powerful software which helps you to convert any type of PST file. GainTools PST Converter is very easy to use and convert huge sized PST files into any format like EML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX and VCF. The software also allows the user to Convert Exchange Server 2003 to Outlook 2007. GainTools PST Converter is an all in one solution to convert large sized Exchange Server 2003 to Outlook 2007 PST files in an easy and less complicated way. The software supports all Microsoft Outlook versions, such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 etc. It also has a powerful export management feature to convert Outlook email to EML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX and VCF.
GainTools PST Converter Software Review:
So, GainTools PST Converter is a powerful tool that can be used to convert PST files into any format like EML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX and VCF. It has a simple and very easy to use UI with intuitive features and options to facilitate the conversion process. So, if you need to Convert Exchange Server 2003 to Outlook 2007 in an easy way, then try GainTools PST Converter.
Advantages of GainTools PST Converter:
• Convert PST to all Outlook versions.
• Simple and user-friendly interface.
• Export multiple items to multiple formats.
• Export message in multiple formats.
• Convert large sized PST files.
• Supports all Microsoft Outlook versions.
• Supports all Exchange Server versions.
• Can be used with any license.
• Supports all Windows operating systems.
• Support for all Exchange 2003/2007 mailbox formats.
• Free Trial version is available.
• Easy to use and easy to install.
• Supported by professional technical support.
• Users can register for free.
• 30 Days money back guarantee.
Disadvantages of GainTools PST Converter:
• Not available for MacOS or Android.
• Small size.
• Unsupported by most free email clients.
• Not compatible with some newer versions of Outlook.
• Credentials are not retained.
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Learn How to Convert EML to MBOX (PST to MBOX) eea19f52d2


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*The latest version of the software is the same. This version has a minor bug that can be fixed by patching up version 1.

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