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■ For those of you who are using a Mac, the program will work flawlessly with Mac OS 9. If you use OS X, download this App to your Mac and give it a test.
■ The program is now available for Macintosh.
■ If you like the program, please tell your friends about it and if you use it, and find it helpful please tell me what you think about it by rating and reviewing the application.
■ The program is always seeking your feedback.
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Hello World, a 3D first person shooter with a Commandos theme?
Yes, yes.
This 3D remake is based on the popular game “Commando”.
In this game, you take control of different soldiers and must kill all the enemies in an area.
In this game, you will have the usual weapons you’d expect to use, but in different ways.
– A revolver ( a very powerful pistol that can kill any normal soldier in one shot )
– A Shotgun ( that can kill in many different ways).
– A Riflescope that can kill the enemies at a far distance.
– A rocket launcher ( that can kill the enemy with a single shot )
– A Sniper rifle ( that can kill from long distance)
– A Machine gun ( a very powerful machine gun that can kill nearly everyone except for the heavy guys )
In this game, you can also pick up the explosives and use them to kill the enemies.
Watch out for the 84e02134c1

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Rinzo is a XML editor to let you to edit, insert, update, delete, move, copy, rename, create and manage your XML files.
Rinzo lets you edit many different XML languages such as Visual C++, Java, J#, PL/1, and many others.
It’s easy to use, intuitive, has a clean interface and is fast.
It’s completely free, open source and available under the GPL v2.0 license.
Rinzo XML Editor Features:
* Support for many different XML formats:.NET,.asmx, AXIS, Java, PHP, COBOL, PL/1, Visual C++, VB, C, C++, J#, C#, CHILL, Objective C, Delphi, Eiffel, Pascal, C#, VB, J#, PL/1, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Java, C, C++, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, Shell, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, APEX, iBatis, XML, Tridion, DHTML, SVG, JSP, XHTML, Groovy, Ruby, Python, Bash, SQL and many others
* Is very fast and very efficient
* Very easy to use
* It’s a 100% free, open source program
* Can also be used as a stand-alone application
* It’s fully multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic and many more
* Support for the different languages available in the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system
* Lots of help and tutorials
* Dynamic schema detection
* Modular system with many extensions
* Support for databases: MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQLite
* Built-in tools: XML/XSL transform, validator, spider, etc
* Integrated XML editor: built-in XML editor, you can open, edit, modify and save XML files
* You can export your XML to any of the many different formats
* You can export your XML to PDF files
* It’s very easy to add XML documentation
* Lots of import/export features
* Many different color schemes
* Many different skins (optional)
* Many different key bindings (optional)
* Lots


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