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Some features in any software cannot be tested.
But we can always learn how to improve it for you.
Such as this Drive Protector Software. It is designed by me.

How it works:
1. Install and run this software on your computer.
2. Connect the drive you want to protect with your computer.
3. Click on the Drive button and a new window will open.
4. Select a drive to protect.
5. Click on the Protect button.
6. It will show a slider bar. If the slider is fully to the right, the drive will be hidden.
7. If the slider is fully to the left, the drive will be locked.
8. A message will appear to indicate the status.

This drive is protected by Drive Protector.

Drive Protector Main Features:

* Protect any drive in any Windows environment.
* Create as many drive protectors as needed.
* Protect multiple drives by changing the path and name.
* See the status of a drive protection at any time.
* Monitor and record usage for later analysis.
* Protect from all Windows volumes, including CD/DVD and USB.
* Protect from all Windows environments, including Terminal services.
* Protect from all Windows servers.
* Protect from all Windows desktop environment.
* Protect from all Windows login users.
* Stop, start and restart drive protectors.
* Lock or hide the drive at any time.
* Hide multiple drives at one time.
* Read only protection.
* Protect up to five drives at one time.
* Autostart on any drives.
* Monitor and record the activity of the drive or drives.
* Protect the whole system, including the operating system.
* Protect from CD/DVD, USB and Network volumes.
* Easily protect a Windows or Linux server.
* Protect drive without any reboot.
* Protect external drive.
* Automatically detect and open any drive.
* Special boot parameter support.
* Works with FAT and NTFS file systems.
* Works with any disk drive.
* Works with ATA, SATA and SCSI.
* Supports both 32 and 64 bit version.
* Supports both GUI and Command Line version.
* Works with any Windows operating systems from Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/2003/XP/2008.
* Supports all Windows languages and installed.
* Automatically rebuild eea19f52d2


FLVMeta is a lightweight FLV metadata injector and extractor that allows you to quickly edit your FLV video files’ metadata with few efforts.
What is FLV?
The FLV format is used to record and play back video content on the Web in a way that is similar to the MP3 music format. It has been developed by Apple as part of the QuickTime file format and is a standard for both the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.
It is known for being a much smaller and compressed video format than the widely used MPEG-4 format. Another characteristic is the use of the proprietary and copyright-protected Apple codec, which is more efficient than H.264/AVC, although it is less widely supported.
Advantages of FLV files
While H.264/AVC offers higher quality video than FLV, it can sometimes be very big and consume large amounts of space. This is one of the main reasons why developers might prefer to save space by compressing videos in the FLV format instead.
FLV files do not require Internet access to be played back and can be played on mobile devices like phones and tablets, which helps developers to more easily and quickly distribute their content.
That said, a limitation of the FLV format is that it can only be played by the browsers that support it.
Lack of an API for FLV
While the FLV format can be supported by a plethora of browsers, web servers, and mobile devices, the lack of an open source FLV player makes it much more challenging to develop applications that can utilize it.
Furthermore, a proprietary player like the one offered by Apple (QuickTime) is released separately for each browser, OS, and mobile device, which is very impractical in terms of development efforts.
FLV Meta is a tool to quickly and easily modify the metadata of FLV files on the fly, providing you with full access to it in several formats.
Extract metadata from FLV files:
Create and append metadata to a list of FLV video files.
Dump metadata to a file or the clipboard.
Check the validity of FLV files and allow you to skip corrupted/invalid files.
Edit metadata of the following types:
Keyframe indices
OnLastSecond event
Fade In, Fade Out
Fades Location
Create custom events
Edit the duration of the videos
Modify the audio channel count
Modify the audio channel