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RpyConfig GUI.

RpyConfig has the advantage of a full configurator and a system of “default” settings that can be easily changed, and several system variables that allow you to control the Raspberry Pi configurations, from the OS, to the hardware, to the firmware.

There are two modes of use:

The basic mode has few settings, but allows you to configure the OS and firmware of your Raspberry Pi.

The advanced mode has more features, but you can create, edit and save your own config.txt file, and if you install RpyConfig, it’ll automatically be saved at /boot/config.txt, /opt/config.txt, /home/pi/config.txt and even /etc/config.txt.

RpyConfig Key Features:

Easy To Use.

The tool is very intuitive and simple to use, and offers a nice and clean GUI.

Full Configurator.

You can customize the whole OS and/or firmware and/or hardware and even your own config.txt file.

Easy GUI to create, edit and save your own config.txt file.

Configurator with all the possible choices to adjust the Raspberry Pi.

RpyConfig Configurations

Configurations can be edited and saved in several places:

Saved in /boot/config.txt.

Saved in /opt/config.txt.

Saved in /home/pi/config.txt.

Saved in /etc/config.txt.

Saved in other config.txt file that you create with RpyConfig (for example: /home/pi/config.txt).

You can save the config file in more than one place.

The config.txt files of the different locations are similar.

A config file can be used by RpyConfig or directly by the Raspberry Pi.

RpyConfig System Variables

Configuration in RpyConfig can be done with variables and/or individual settings.

System Variables

System variables can be accessed from any place in RpyConfig by the asterisk * (for example: *download_method*).

System variables can be defined in the config.txt file (for example: *download_method = bt*) or in the System Settings menu in RpyConfig (for example: *download eea19f52d2


Video downloader.

You can download videos from any website.

Easy to use.

Convert video.

Windows 10 or later.

Cost: Free.

Download SaveMedia

NtTV is the answer to all those who want to watch movies online without ads.
It works in a similar way to SaveMedia and just like its younger brother, it doesn’t require much effort to work with this tool.
All you have to do is paste the desired website address in the primary panel, and the application will start automatically looking for videos on the site.
When it finds a video that is available for download, it will automatically start the conversion process, and at the same time, you are provided with the download link to the file.
After the conversion process is completed, you can grab the desired clip by clicking on the actual link, or save it in your preferred format.
NtTV sports a clean and minimalist interface that offers only a few configuration settings. You can change the default directories for saving the converted files, and specify the conversion quality, but if you want to get the best quality possible, you should choose the HD option.
NtTV doesn’t put much stress on the CPU or memory, as the overall performance of the computer is not affected during the conversion process.
All in all, NtTV is a great tool if you are looking for a simple yet reliable video downloader.
It doesn’t offer much more than SaveMedia, but at the same time, it doesn’t cost you a fortune either.
NtTV is a solid, inexpensive choice for all those who want to download videos from various websites without any complications.
NtTV Description:

Tiny Torrent.

Get movies free!

Convert video.


Windows 10 or later.

Cost: Free.

Download NtTV

Are you in search of a well-thought video downloader that offers great features such as conversion quality options, different output formats, and batch downloading?
Well, look no further, because Krimson videos delivers the ultimate software that can make it happen.
When using Krimson, you will find that the tool makes it very easy for you to convert videos to different formats, and even add subtitles to the video clips.
One of the main features of the tool is that you can choose


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