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Pro ENGINEER Import For AutoCAD Free Download

What’s New In Pro ENGINEER Import For AutoCAD?

Create 3D solids in AutoCAD

Import PRT and ASM files

Automatically create PRT and ASM files

Automatic saving to new PRT and ASM files

Export PRT and ASM files to new AutoCAD drawings

Create 3D solids from 2D lines

Ability to edit solids created from 2D lines

Repairing tools

Ability to add breaking, correcting, and healing (which allows the imported PRT and ASM data to be precisely positioned within the final drawing)

Importing Prt/ENGINEER files

Automatic creation of user, system, and version ID’s

Importation of Pro/ENGINEER files from all versions of Autodesk’s PRT and ASM formats.

Repairing solids

Ability to repair solids at the PRT and ASM level

Associating/unassociating of solids from prt and asm files

Repairing Points

Point repair can be done on Solid objects or Line objects that have Line Style=2D

Importing ASM files

Automatic creation of user, system, and version ID’s

Assemblies files

Automatic saving to new ASM files

Automatic creation of Autodesk ASM files from other file formats

Repairing assemblies

Ability to repair assemblies at the ASM level

Export ASM files to Autodesk’s VBASM format

Additional features

Data log

Automatically creates a log file for every import/export operation. The log file contains the details of the operation and the file that was imported or exported. This log file can be opened in any text editor such as Notepad. This file is also extremely useful in identifying translation problems.


You can use this plug-in to convert PRT files to a Mep format for 3D or Solidworks that can be exported to 3D.dwg. There is an on/off option for repairing and healing. You can repair/heal and duplicate the PRT file in Mep format

Import/Export points

Ability to import and export points directly from or to PRT and ASM files. This allows you to work in 3D without having to convert to a CAD format. The export option is broken down to 2D and 3D.

Importing/exporting PRT and ASM files

Ability to import and export PRT and ASM files directly to AutoCAD. This allows you to work in a 3D CAD environment without having to convert the file into a CAD format.

Autodesk AutoCAD. Pro/ENGINEER import for AutoCAD is a software component designed to import

System Requirements For Pro ENGINEER Import For AutoCAD:

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