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An easy-to-use and affordable macro recorder
KEYMACRO allows users to record MIDI events, such as keystrokes, into a document-based format. Simply import a document or open a file from the local disk, which will be automatically recorded as a MIDI event. The end result can be copied or pasted into another MIDI sequencer to add the recorded MIDI events to the existing composition.
The advantage of using KEYMACRO is that the recorded events are easily transferable to another MIDI sequencer, such as Cubase, Steinberg or Logic Pro.
The program is extremely easy to use, requiring no special training to operate.
KEYMACRO Features:
●Import.WAV or.MP3 file from your Mac
●Create.WAV files with new song name
●Import files from multiple folders with ease
●Record several keystrokes at once
●Import files from the online community
●Use drag and drop to move your files
●Record MIDI events, such as keystrokes
●Copy or paste MIDI events from one sequencer to another
●Save your recorded MIDI events into a document
●Adjust MIDI event playback speed
●Import playback time
●Export files into the.WAV,.MP3 and.PDF formats
●Record.WAV files using multiple tracks
●Record files from different locations at once
●Export MIDI files

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KEYMACRO should not be enabled by default on routers without mesh technology. It can lead to a denial of service attack against your network.
Only enable it if you have mesh technology on your devices.
KEYMACRO is an acronym for Key Message Access, and is the method that used to authenticate traffic on the Cisco IOS.
If you have a Cisco IOS, this is one of the best ways to prevent people from sending and receiving messages to your network.
The Cisco IOS was designed to use a key that is random, changing from one session to the next. By disabling KeyMACRO, you will no longer be able to receive messages from people on your network.
The KeyMACRO settings should be protected in a Cisco IOS as well as in non-Cisco devices.
This is not an attack vulnerability, and there is a fix for the issue.
Disable KeyMACRO by clearing the keyword and keyservices in your Cisco IOS or by using the command.
If you are using an IP phone, you need to disable the device and reboot before these settings will take effect.
For example, if you wanted to disable the KeyMACRO from Cisco IOS devices, you would enter the following command.
Cisco IOS CLI command:
disable {enable | disconnect} {interface-ip}
Enable or disconnect KeyMACRO
• If you want to enable it, enter:
enable keymacro
• If you want to disable it, enter:
Enable or disable KeyMACRO
• Example:
disable keymacro
– If you enter the keyword enable in a command with the keyword disable, the keyword will still be disabled.
– If you enter the keyword disable in a command with the keyword enable, the keyword will not be disabled.
• Example:
enable keymacro
– If you enter the keyword disable in a command with the keyword disable, the keyword will not be disabled.
– If you enter the keyword enable in a command with the keyword disable, the keyword will still be disabled.
If you enable KeyMACRO, your router will be able to receive the special messages that are known as the key, which are used to authenticate traffic to the router.
With a valid IP address of a key, the router will allow all traffic that has that key to flow through.
It will only allow traffic with the same key to flow through.
If you enter a valid IP address of