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* Create a complete Information System for Project Documentation and Tracking
* Store, organize, review and share project-specific information
* Promote a complete project documentation environment
* Secure project workflow
* Manage and maintain the documentation



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About OVM

Organized and Mobile VExperts are the key to success of any project, delivering on time, on target, and within budget. OVM has been developing products that capture and display the details in a unique and meaningful way that benefits all those involved, from the project manager to the operations team.

A small application for searching information in a MS Access Database.
It allows to search by tags, keywords, file names, etc. The search queries are sent to MS Access Database. There is no query results grid, the search queries are shown in a summary table.

WebImage Search is a ASP.NET (.NET Framework) application for providing image search functionality to your web applications. The application is based on the Apache Lucene Java search engine and provides a fast, scalable search engine to identify images (web page screenshots, thumbnails) within websites and web applications.

WebImage Search can help you to improve the image search experience for your customers by finding and displaying the most relevant images on the website or web application. In addition to image search, the application can also be used for identifying images within websites or web applications.

The application is highly configurable and easy to use. The application is free of charge and there is no time limit for using the application.

Key features:
* Upload, index and search images directly from the web browser
* Unrestricted image search
* Retrieve images for web-crawlers
* Generate high quality thumbnails (128×128, 256×256, 512×512) from images
* Support custom image dimensions
* Support.NET Framework and ASP.NET

Tizenda Application is a WinForms application to collect or edit custom information. It can be used to record and save keystrokes and mouse movements.

Useful for taking notes, recording screen shots, or to make training tools.

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Keywords: Desktop App. Windows Forms.



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DocketMaker PRO.NETDocketMaker PRO is a project management and collaboration tool that focuses d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a keylogger and allows you to view live or recorded data in the form of a timestamp-based log of your keystrokes. KEYMACRO is intended to be used by web developers and testers in order to see what keystrokes are being performed when they are testing their websites.
KEYMACRO allows you to record all keystrokes from any application on your computer, saving them into a log file that can be uploaded to a database and shared with other KEYMACRO users.
KEYMACRO can record mouse movements and screen shots.
KEYMACRO has two modes, recording keystrokes or recording screen shots. KEYMACRO has three levels of precision: 1-Key, 2-Key and 3-Key. In the recording mode of KEYMACRO, you can choose between a timestamp-based log or an event-based log of keystrokes.
When recording is complete, you can export the log into an HTML file for viewing with a web browser.
Keyboard input is recorded in keystrokes. These keystrokes are displayed in time order. The function of KEYMACRO is very simple. You have a way to see what was typed in real time.
These keystrokes include:
Windows key: Windows key shortcut. These keystrokes are recorded by pressing the Windows key and then an additional letter or number on the keyboard. If you press the Windows key and then an asterisk, you record keystrokes corresponding to mouse clicks.
Alt+Tab: Used to switch from one application to another. Keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the Alt key and then the Tab key.
Ctrl+Tab: Used to switch from one application to another. Keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the Ctrl key and then the Tab key.
Backspace: Used to delete characters from the cursor position. Keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the Backspace key.
Arrow keys: Used to move the cursor to a new position on the screen. Keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the arrow key.
F1 to F12: Used to access shortcuts. These keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the desired number.
Tab: Used to move the cursor to the next field on the screen. Keystrokes are recorded when you press the Windows key and then the Tab key.


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