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Students must learn how to make ethical choices in their lives as they move through the four years of high school and into their adult lives, according to the standards set forth in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for high school graduation. This course will focus on academic ethics, the role of the Internet in learning, and how to make ethical decisions while surfing the Web.
Internet Use in the Classroom
Students have constant access to the Internet and have an ever-increasing need for information and skills to use it effectively. By providing the technical foundation for Internet use, students can become life-long learners and effective citizens. This course will cover Internet use in school, including internet protocols and the role of the network in learning.
The Course in a Nutshell
Using the Internet is a complex endeavor and requires many aspects to be successful. This course will teach students how to use the Internet and the available resources. Students will learn how to navigate a web page, use search engines, and surf a site. This course also provides students with a broader base of information skills to use when using the Internet.
[Online Version]
[7 Hours]

Advanced Diary represents the digital version of a standard diary. The only difference is that you can store it online and access it from anywhere in the world, in addition to protecting it with a password.
Different viewing modes and customization options
The program is wrapped in a clean and sophisticated interface which has an intuitive layout. Advanced Diary allows you to toggle between three viewing modes – standard, ribbon and mixed.
Other customization options revolve around the color scheme (select between 11 colors) and 25 languages to choose from.
Built-in text editor with multimedia support
The app integrates a complete word processor with advanced functions related to the format (e.g. grow or shrink the font, superscript, line spacing) and tables (e.g. split cells, cell borders).
Moreover, you can insert text from files, hyperlinks, pictures, symbols, horizontal lines, page brakes and the current date/time. Using the undo and redo functions are possible, along with a search-and-replace feature.
Extra settings of Advanced Diary let you create and manage a favorites list, attach files, manage a multimedia diary (e.g. record audio and video), backup and restore data, manage databases, import and export files, save files as templates, as well as use emoticons and view a calendar, just to name a few.
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Allows you to create self-extracting executable archives which can be deployed without an installation wizard by creating a MSI which runs a special MIME-aware launcher script that calls the required MSI and extracts the application as needed.
KEYMACRO is a mature and actively maintained tool for creating Windows EXE-only installation wizards that can bundle a single MSI-based installation into a single EXE-only file. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, including Windows Server 2003 and Vista.
You can extend the functionality of your installation wizards by configuring KEYMACRO to automatically download specific files from the Internet and register them in the appropriate Windows Registry locations, so that they can be executed as needed. It also comes with a comprehensive help file, tutorials, and sample EXE-only install wizards.
Included below is the KEYMACRO Documentation.
System Requirements:
A Windows XP, Vista or Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 operating system.
A 32- or 64-bit version of Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010, which may also be installed on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
A Microsoft Windows Installer SDK.
A copy of the Windows Installer SDK (included).
KEYMACRO runs as a simple MIME-aware launcher application and does not create or install any files on the target machine.
In addition to creating self-extracting EXE-only installation wizards, KEYMACRO can also create lightweight MSI-based installation wizards that bundle the installer into a single MSI file and contain everything you need to configure, install and uninstall your software.
To create a basic, MIME-aware EXE-only file, use the KeyMACRO.exe application on the command line.
Example: KEYMACRO.exe /X “C:\myapp.exe”
For a more complex installation, use the “-S ” switch when calling KeyMACRO.exe.
Example: KeyMACRO.exe -S C:\myapp.exe
If you specify the “-D ” switch, KeyMACRO will instead launch a GUI window for the installation wizard as soon as it starts.
To run the installation wizard as a service, use the “-S ” switch, and specify the ServiceInstaller application as a startup object.
Example: KeyMACRO.exe -S C:\myapp.exe -S C:\Windows\System32\ServiceInstaller.exe
If you are using Windows Server


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