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Keymacro is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recorder. It offers you the ability to create a code that can be executed automatically. Therefore, Keymacro gives you the possibility to automate repetitive tasks.
You can create custom functions that work with any Windows application. Those functions can be embedded into the registry, executed as activex controls, or assigned to button actions.
Keymacro allows you to add interactivity into an application by calling Keymacro’s functions.
It is important to use the following guidelines to enhance your function code.
Declare your function before the menu option.
Pass parameters as an array.
User a delay between every command to help your function to catch every menu option.
Use constants that you want to use in your function to minimize typing.
Add a comment to make your code clear.
Add Option Explicit to your code.
Use Pause to help your function to run smoothly.
Use Call all commands from your function.
If you would like to know more about Keymacro then you can check out this webpage.

The indicator shows when the market will make a new trend move up or down. The software can be used in Forex and Stock Market for analyzing the market. The indicator can show when the market will make a new trend or will go in a new direction.
Added indicators for Stop on previous trend.
Added countdown feature.
Added options for Stop on 1D/2D/3D candle.
Added options for Customizing indicators.
Option to change Timeframe.
New indicators and displays.

Get the info that you are looking for with the help of the Bull Trend Monitor Pro. With this trading software you can get information about the trends and patterns in the market. This app is based on charts, which makes it easier for you to trade or invest. With the information provided by the app, you will have the ability to learn more about the markets and make an informed decision.
Bull Trend Monitor Pro is easy to use and offers a simple interface, where you can get more information about the charts. You will also be able to access your portfolio and your trading history.
There are some features of this program that can be used to learn more about the markets. You can get information about the major trend and the direction. You can also use the indicators to predict the future trend moves.

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1. Debug Assistant will trace short piece of the code when user clicks Turn On Trace button.
2. Debug Assistant will NOT trace long piece of code if user clicks Turn On Trace button.
3. User will get a message that the code just traced was too large and it can’t be recorded. User can change the limit or restart Debug Assistant to get a fresh trace.
If you find any issues with Debug Assistant, please write us at support.ro.txt or call us at (503) 527-3114. We will fix the issue ASAP.
.NET version of Debug Assistant will be available soon.
C++ Version 3.5 will be updated later.


AppDomain is a class which helps to isolate different types of code from each other, and manages what is running and what is not. AppDomain is similar to a container. When we run a method, AppDomain may create new threads or new process. AppDomain will keep track of these different types of code. When we want to quit a program, AppDomain will give out all threads, process and all running code to the garbage collector to release all resources.
We do not have to manage these threads ourselves. We just need to mark some code as being unloadable. You can specify a ‘time to live’ for these objects. If they are not referenced by anything after that time, AppDomain will unload them.
If we have a library which is unloadable, we need to follow same principles. We have a class which is called AppDomainManager. It keeps a list of everything which can be unloadable. When we change anything in the program, it will tell AppDomainManager to look at its list and update.
This class is really easy to use. Here is an example:
This is all, AppDomainManager will do. It is not a class which needs to be instantiated. It is just a class with static methods.


This is a static method which will fire off an event when an exception occurs. This is a.NET programming concept, and is used to tell the runtime that something in the program has crashed. By handling this event, we can show a window to the user.
If we do not handle this, the problem will go away. Application is a container class and holds


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